Deconstructing the Lighting: Philip-Lorca diCorcia

I absolutely love the narrative portraits of Philip-Lorca diCorcia, and thought it would be fun to try and deconstruct his lighting. His technique is very cinematic, using light and shadow to transform an everyday scene into something with emotion and drama.

I decided to use myself as the subject and see if I could transform my living room into something more interesting! 

I used a Profoto D1 with a 10 degree grid on the left side, aimed directly at me, to create some dramatic shadows on my face. Next to this, I added another D1 with a Profoto 3' Octobox to add more light around me. I also added a grid to control the light and make sure I didn't kill the atmosphere. This light had a 1 stop CTO gel so when I switched my white balance to Tungsten, the scene had an really atmospheric cool tint. 

Once the lights were set, I played with the shutter speed to add in a bit more ambient light and to brighten the window in the very back. I thought this added more depth and interest to the scene so I just kept tweaking this until I got the right look.

Here's a diagram of the lighting setup:

Lighting diagram

Lighting diagram

Below are the final results - I couldn't help getting my dog Olive involved as well!