Portrait of Designer Gabby Lord

I've always been a huge fan of utilising friends talents with skill-swaps. We know so many talented creative people in Berlin it seems like a really smart way of working! The beauty of the skill-swap is that we can barter our time however we see fit, and no awkward money discussion needs to take place. Win win! 

Last weekend I photographed my friend Gabby, who is one of said talented creatives, for a magazine article about her and her workspace. Filled with coloured notebooks (unused of course), fluro pens, patterned blankets and dresses, and of course her bike, her space is a true reflection of herself and everything she loves.

In return for me snapping some pics, she will offer up her amazing design skills and help create a new website for me which is beyond amazing. Gabby's work is epic (check out her portfolio here) so I'm beyond excited to see what she comes up with!

Check out the photos from our shoot below...